All Silicone Jackson Pratt® Style Round Drain

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  • Transparent tube with X-ray opaque perforated drain. Allows for easy visual inspection and confirmation when using X-ray.

  • Smooth surface of the round tube makes insertion and withdrawal easy while its softness minimizes trauma when inserted or withdrawn.

  • Connecting to reservoir creates complete efficiency for drainage.

  • Available in 10fr and 16fr sizes.

  • Used for various surgeries

  • Sterile double-packaged, peel pouch.

  • Latex free

  • 10 pieces per case.

Specification: End Perforated Drain

Catalog No. Size I.D. O.D. Length X-Ray Remarks
2015-0210 10FR 1.5 3.3 900 mm Yes End Perforated Drain
2015-0216 16FR 2.7 5.3

Jackson Pratt is a registered trademark of Allegiance Corp.